Skender Makota is a Chicago based musician and producer.


Skender Makota has been making music for over two decades, and studying music since early childhood.
He is a trained piano and bass player, as well as skilled and experienced sound engineer/producer and a Berklee College of Music graduate in Music Production and Engineering ('08). With many years of hands-on experience on all industry standard professional audio equipment, he is skilled in composing, mixing and editing in many industry standard music making platforms (Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Reason,  numerous processors etc.).
He is also very experienced on analog gear which he used extensively, from vintage outboard gear to SSL recording consoles and variety of analog synthesizers, with personal preference and affection towards Moog gear.

Skender loves to listen and play JAZZ music, jazz piano being his main instrument and bass guitar his second. While he loves jazz as a personal influence and professional musicianship companion in life, his music making preference lies in ELECTRONIC music production, sound synthesis and sound design.